Horse Racing and Politics

Horse Racing and Politics

People have been talking about the upcoming presidential election as if it were a horse race. However, what exactly do they mean by this? The dictionaries define it as an extremely acrimonious public debate among citizens. Both the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary definition it as an “emotional debate or contest.”

horse race

The fact is that there are two ways to look at it. One way is to view it as horse races and another way as a democratic presidential election. That means if there is an obvious favourite then the people who call themselves experts are correct. If the horse races are fair then the winner of the race wins. If it is obvious that no one can beat the horse, then no one can be elected President of the United States of America. Let’s examine that a little deeper.

In the classic sense of the word, a race is a race in which a group of people try to beat each other with Clubs or Balls. The point is to try to out pace the opposition so that you win. So, if the people in a group, who are trying to out pace each other, spend the same time in the same distance and same effort, and they all finish in the same time, then it is still a race. If you want to call it a classic race then it has to have a certain criteria. It must have some kind of end result. It must have a leader.

If the race takes place on a public street, and each and every one of the citizens has to wear a uniform, the horse race is not a classic. I bet you didn’t know that? Well you now do. You see, at the same time, people who don’t follow the rules and standards, and who don’t work hard enough are being judged by those who do and they are being judged by the public. If all of the people on a public street were to go around in their regular clothes, nobody would know who the leaders were, but since there are so many regular people, you would be able to tell who the leaders were.

The reason the horse race is so important is because it tells a lot about human beings. It shows the sort of moral character that we are capable of. It also shows what sort of people we are. You see, sometimes we make a lot of money and go on vacation, and we come back and a week later we start voting and it turns out that the majority wants the government to bail out the banks and businesses. This is why I say that horse races are vitally important, even if you don’t like the results.

You see, I think that people who enjoy horse racing as much as I do, are people who care about their fellow man, and they are good citizens. There’s nothing wrong with loving your horse, supporting the races, and betting on them, however if you start to question the entire system, you could lose a lot of friends very quickly in this country. If you lose a bunch of friends, how long before people turn on you and your horse races? I think you can see my point on this one. Please consider all this and think on it.