MMA Betting

MMA Betting

mma betting

As MMA has grown, so too have wagering options for fight fans. Casual gamblers can visit their local sportsbook before a UFC card and place money on the favored fighter, while sharp bettors research upcoming bouts in order to find a promising edge. In-play mma betting is also available for those who prefer to bet on the action as it unfolds, with odds dynamically updating over the course of a contest based on the real-time results of the combatants.

Method of Victory

There are three ways that a MMA fight can be won: by knockout, submission, and judge decision (score). Bettors who choose to bet on the Method of Victory market for an upcoming fight can predict how the fight will end and profit from their prediction. For example, if a fighter is known for their striking prowess and has a high KO rate, it may pay to bet on them to win by KO in the first round. Conversely, if one fighter is physically superior to their opponent—say they have longer reach than their foe—it may be in their best interests to patiently wait out the opening rounds and then attempt a submission win.

Depending on the fighting styles and number of rounds scheduled, oddsmakers will set an Over/Under round total for each matchup. If a fight is scheduled for five rounds and a fighter’s finishing rate is 50%, bettors who bet on the Over will make more money than those who bet on the Under.

A bettor’s research into a specific fighter can be beneficial when betting on the Over/Under rounds total, as they can take note of how many rounds a fighter has won or lost in previous fights. They can also look at a fighter’s weight class and their ability to cut weight. It is not uncommon for a fighter to lose a fight due to a late weight cut, which can leave them exhausted and drained for their next bout.

Age Differences

Historically, younger fighters have enjoyed a greater winning percentage in MMA matches than their older counterparts. This trend can be useful in picking out Over/Under bets when two fighters are matched up at similar age levels. However, if an older fighter has fought much tougher competition than his or her younger opponent, then it might not be so simple to select the Over/Under bet.

In addition to studying a fighter’s past wins and losses, bettors should also keep an eye on the current health of their opponents and any injury records that they may have. They should also be aware of a fighter’s weight and nutrition history, as many have been forced to drastically change their diet and training in order to meet their fighting weight. Finally, it is a good idea to join multiple sportsbooks, as the odds for a particular MMA event will be different between each of them. By shopping around, a bettor can get the best price and maximize their profits.